School History

The site for Grammar No. 2 was purchased in April 1929 for $1,200. Construction of the central two-story brick building, with tile roof, was completed in January 1930 for $92,585. The building consisted of 12 classrooms, a principal's office, nurse's office and basement. The school opened in January 1930 after the Christmas holiday.

In 1954, the classroom, now the second grade classrooms and library wing additions, and gym were built. In 1979, the roof structure was strengthened. In the summer of 1995, the 1929 boiler was replaced and roofs on the wings were recovered.

Remodeling, updating, painting, rewiring, carpeting, landscaping, adding one modular trailer to the central school area, the adjacent Kindergarten complete addition, the 7th street project, the two newest modular trailers in the old basketball court area and the computer lab have been some of the priorities and accomplishments recently.

Time Line History Comparison

October 24 was "Black Thursday" the day that began the Great Depression, First Academy Awards

Gandhi began campaign of civil disobedience in India

Crime boss Al Capon was jailed for tax evasion

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President offering the country a "New Deal" to beat the economic recession

Polio vaccine was developed by American Jonas E. Salk

Hostage crisis in Teheran--63 Americans held

What went on in the world besides the boiler replacement?