Student Handbook

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Student/Parent Handbook





Dear Grammar #2 Students and Parents/Guardians,


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year!

This handbook contains useful information for both parents and students regarding the daily operations at Grammar #2.  We ask that all parents please read and discuss these policies with your students as we feel this will help ensure a successful school year. 

Please sign and return the last page of the handbook to your child’s teacher by August 29th.  Please keep the remainder of the handbook throughout the 2019-2020 school year to reference. 

Thank you for taking the time to become familiar with the important information presented in this handbook. 

Please contact us whenever you have questions or concerns (738-7161 Option 1).



Candice A. Tournahu, Principal





When your child returns to school, you will need to send a written note explaining the absence. Please include the child’s first and last name and date/dates of absence. If an absence remains unexcused for 3 school days, after the student returns to school, they will be considered truant. If your child was seen by a physician, bring the school the doctor’s excuse. A doctor’s note will exempt the child’s absence and will not count towards days missed in the attendance policy.


 Students will be expected to make up missed work in a reasonable amount of time upon their return to school.


In the event of a planned absence notify the office as soon as possible with a written note that is signed and dated.


Notify the office by 9:00 a.m. if you are requesting homework. Homework can be picked up at the office after school.




During assemblies’ students are expected to:

  1. Come in quietly and sit down.
  2. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  3. Use a whisper voice.
  4. When a staff member or presenter comes to the front of the room silence yourself.
  5. Listen quietly.
  6. Stay seated.
  7. Raise your hand quietly ONLY if a presenter has asked a question and you would like to answer it.Once the presenter calls on a student to answer put your hand down and listen.
  8. When the presentation is over you may clap.No hooting, screaming, and/or booing.
  9. Stay seated until your teacher asks you to stand.


  1. Move student by teacher.
  2. Send student to the office.




It is important that your child is at school each day to receive the maximum benefit from the classroom environment.  Instruction and classroom participation occurs each day and is important for continuous learning.  Please make attendance at school a priority for your child.


To ensure all students receive a quality education, Elko County School District policy requires a minimum number of days (90% of days enrolled) that a student must be in attendance at the school they are enrolled in to be promoted to the next grade.  (Please see Elko County School District Attendance policy-J.B.B.A for further information).


Excused absences are generally ones that involve parental permission for illness, family emergency, and other pre-approved absences. An excused absence will allow a student to make up missed work and will not result in truancy.


Unexcused absences are unauthorized absences from school and mean that a student will not be allowed to make up missed work. Student may also suffer disciplinary actions such as being declared truant.


Exempt absences are generally those that involve a doctor or nurse verification or a verifiable family emergency. They may also include certain pre-approved absences. Exempt absences do not count against the minimum day attendance policy.


Quick Reference Guide

These are sample situations to assist parents in understanding the attendance policy.


Type of Absence


Excused/Exempt Status

Child is sick.

Notify School

Excused but not Exempt without doctor or nurse verification.

Child is on a school sponsored trip.


Student is considered in attendance.

Child gets sick at school and is sent home.

Sign student out at office.

Excused and Exempt

Child is on family vacation while school is in session.

Absence needs to be pre-arranged.

Excused but not Exempt

Child is absent due to a serious illness or death of a relative.

Notify School

Excused and Exempt. This is a verifiable family emergency.

Child is absent due to an educational experience outside of school.

Absence needs to be pre-arranged.

Excused and Exempt. Principal needs to pre-approve the educational experience.

Child is ill and absent numerous days throughout the school year.

Notify school for each absence and ask doctor for a note if one was seen.

Excused and exempt with doctor or nurse verification.

Child is absent for unknown reason.

No note or call received from parent.

Unexcused absence and NOT Exempt. Child will be considered truant.




Students who ride bikes to school are to park them in the designated bike rack by the 7th Street door. All bikes should be locked. No bikes are to be ridden on school lawn, parking lots, or playground. For safety reasons, students must walk bikes while on school property. The district assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to bicycles.




This year Grammar #2 will be serving breakfast to students beginning at 8:00 a.m. to 8:20 a.m.  This is a paid breakfast.


Daily Paid-$2.10

Weekly Paid-$10.50

Monthly Paid-$42.00

Reduced Breakfast Daily-$.30

Reduced Breakfast Weekly-$1.50

Reduced Breakfast Monthly-$6.00




It is the policy and goal of the Elko County School District to provide a safe and respectful learning environment for all students and staff.  No member of the Board of Trustees of the school district, nor employee of the Board of Trustees, including, without limitation, an administrator, principal, teacher or other staff member, nor any student of the school district shall engage in any conduct on or off school property which results in "bullying", "cyber-bullying", "harassment" or "intimidation" of any student on school property, at an activity sponsored by a school or on any school bus.

If any such activity is suspected contact your child’s teacher or the school administrator.

Students must ride their assigned bus during the school year. District policy does not allow for a bus change due to extra-curricular activities (sports, visiting friends, etc.). Only changes made on a permanent basis or for family emergencies will be permitted. Please contact the office should a change in bus assignment become necessary (moving, new childcare
location, etc.).


In an emergency situation involving the bus, parents may call the Transportation Department at 738-4360.




The school bus is an extension of the classroom. Expectations for student behavior are similar to those of the classroom. Refer to ECSD Policy JCCC and material distributed by your child’s bus driver for details. Also refer to the Discipline Procedure section in this handbook for consequences associated with failure to comply with the rules for bus conduct.




Cell phones may be used before or after school, as long as they meet the requirements of the ECSD Acceptable Use Policy. Cell phones may NOT be used during the instructional day.

(Refer to Elko County School District Policy JDBA)




Students are involved in educational learning at all times during the school day.  IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, PLEASE DO NOT CHECK YOUR STUDENT OUT OF SCHOOL EARLIER THAN THE REGULAR DISMISSAL TIME.  If the student needs to be taken out of class early, a parent or guardian MUST SIGN THE STUDENT OUT AT THE OFFICE regardless of classroom location. For the safety of all students, parents/guardians need to wait at the office for their child.  Students will be called down to the office for pick-up by the secretaries so that disruptions to the classroom learning environment are kept to a minimum.


If someone other than the parent is picking the student up, the school must be notified in writing by the parent, the name of the person picking up the student.  That person must show picture identification and be listed as emergency contact in Power School before the school will release the student to them.




We recognize the need to celebrate seasonal holidays with respect for individual beliefs. Classrooms may hold seasonal celebrations at the teacher’s discretion. Any costumes worn should be appropriate for school and not include any look-alike weapons, or be threatening or disrespectful. Treats for parties should be nutritional in nature, avoiding large sugar content.




It is our goal to insure all students have a positive learning environment in order to be successful.  In order for that to occur, we must establish and enforce the rules that make all students and adults safe. On the following page is the Grammar #2 Progressive Discipline Plan.  Please note that an updated Progressive Discipline Plan will follow later this year including Restorative Discipline Practices. 








Grammar #2 Discipline Consequences 2019-2020

                                                    1st Offense                2nd Offense                  3rd Offense              4th Offense           

Impairing Health, Safety, or Welfare

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 3 Days Recess Detention


Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 5 Days Recess Detention


Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

5+ Days Recess Detention/ Up to 3 days Out of School Suspension


Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 5 Days Out of School Suspension




Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Warning/Up to 3 Days Recess Detention/ In School Suspension/Out of School Suspension

Complete Bully Report

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

5 Days OSS reduced to 3 by completing questionnaire, parents attending meeting with counselor, and parents address child’s behavior. Complete Bully Report

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

10 Days OSS reduced to 5 if student and parents attend bully awareness training. Notice of risk of long term suspension if behavior continues. Complete Bully Report

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

10 Days Out of School Suspension pending investigation. Long term suspension.




Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 3 Days Recess Detention

(Up to 5 Days Suspension if Directed Toward Any School Personnel)

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 5 Days Recess Detention


Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 3 Days Out of School



Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 5 Days Out of School Suspension



Defiance, or


Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 3 Days Recess Detention


Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 5 Days Recess Detention


Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 3 Days Out of School Suspension


Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 5 Days Out of School Suspension


Bus Misconduct

Driver gives warning by name.

Driver changes seat assignment.

Driver issues citation.

Sent to Principal.

Parent Notified by phone or by citation.

Driver issues citation.

Sent to Principal.

Parent notified by phone and/or Citation.

Up to 5 day bus suspension.

Unsafe Use

of Playground Equipment

Sent to Principal


Parent Notified by phone


Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 3 Days Recess or Clean Up Detention

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 5 Days Recess or Clean Up Detention

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 3 Days Out of School Suspension

Electronic Device Policy Violation

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report


Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Device confiscated and returned to parent/guardian only

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Device confiscated and returned to parent/guardian only

Up to 3 days recess detention.

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Device confiscated and returned to parent/guardian only

Up to 5 days recess detention.


Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 3 days detention/ISS/OSS

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

3-5 days Out of School Suspension

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 10 days Out of School Suspension

Sent to Principal

Parent Notified by phone and/or Behavior Report

Up to 10 days Out of School Suspension

Recommendation for long term suspension

Administration reserves the authority to determine the appropriate consequences which may deviate from those above, based on the severity of the infraction and prior violations, in accordance to District Policy.

Any incident not specifically addressed will follow the ECSD Progressive Discipline Plan.                                  




Please arrange a meeting area OUTSIDE of the school building to meet your child at the end of the day. This will avoid congestion in the hallways and assist in keeping the school secure throughout the school day.




The following guidelines are enforced for the SAFETY, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING of all students:


  1. Clothing worn by student should be neat, clean and in good repair for their personal health and safety.
  2. Immodest clothing of such type that detracts from the learning process should not be worn. This includes clothing bearing slogans or mottos that are not in good taste.
  3. No flip flop type sandals, tank tops or spaghetti strap tops may be worn.
  4. Shorts must be longer than students’ fingertips.
  5. Students should not wear shoes that have heels higher than one inch as they are not safe or appropriate for the activities that take place on a daily basis at an elementary school (recesses, P.E., etc.)
  6. Please be considerate of the learning that takes place at school when determining hair styles and hair coloring. Extreme hair styles and color (bright pinks, greens, etc.) can create a distraction that takes away from the learning process. Should such a distraction occur steps will need to be made so all students can focus on learning.
  7. Weather appropriate clothing should be worn.
  8. Wintertime can be extremely cold. Prepare your child for the temperature by having them wear layers of clothes and also sending them with a coat, hat, gloves, and boots. When temperatures dip to below 10 degrees (including wind chill), students will remain inside.Prior to the entrance bell, signs will be posted on entrance doors to instruct students to proceed to the Gym.




Please see that current address and phone numbers are on file at the school along with an emergency contact person. This information is crucial in the event of an emergency.




FERPA is a federal law that allows parents and students certain rights with regard to student’s education records.

  • Parents are eligible students have the right to review education records within 45 days of the day the school receives the request for access.
  • Parents are eligible students have the right to request an amendment to the student’s education records they believe to be inaccurate or misleading.
  • FERPA authorizes exceptions in disclosure of student’s education records without consent; i.e. school officials to fulfill professional responsibilities, records sent to other schools which a student indents to enroll, and directory information publicly provided as designated by Elko County School District (but not limited to name, address, telephone number, email address, date/place of birth, photographs or likenesses, audio and video tapes, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, field of study, height and weight of members of athletic teams, enrollment status, dates of attendance, awards received, the most recent previous school attended, grade level, honor roll status, and class list).
  • Parents or eligible students may refuse to let the school designate any or all of those types of information about the student as directory information by notifying the school in writing that the parent or eligible student does not want any or all of this information designated as directory information.

To review the complete FERPA federal law, contact the school office.





Field trips represent wonderful learning experiences for students. A field trip permission slip will be sent each time a field trip is scheduled. This must be completed before a student is allowed to attend any trip.

If administration deems a child’s behavior so inappropriate throughout the year, that child may not be allowed to attend a field trip.  As an alternative to not allowing a student to go on a field trip we will offer the parents an opportunity to go with their child on the field trip as a chaperone.  

A student can only be released to a parent from a field trip if the appropriate form is completed and signed by a school administrator prior to the trip. The correct form can be found on the Elko County School District website or at the front office of the school.




Students and staff at Grammar #2 will participate in regularly scheduled emergency drills, including but not limited to, fire drills, shelter in place drills, and lockdown drills.




Students should not bring games, toys, IPads, etc. to school without prior permission. The school is not responsible for and will not provide compensation for personal items brought to school.




Homework assignments are an integral part of the school program and are determined by each individual teacher. They may consist of long range assignments, work not completed during the day, work on which students need additional practice, or make-up work. Homework will not be assigned as busy work or for disciplinary reasons. Any concerns with homework should first be addressed with the classroom teacher. Refer to ECSD Policy IHB for details.




Nevada law requires that any child entering school have the minimum dosages or be currently taking the required immunization series. Copies of immunization records will be taken to include in school records. Immunization requirements are available from the school nurse.




Accident insurance for students is available through the school district. Information concerning this insurance is sent at the start of the school year or can be found at the office.




All found articles should be placed in lost and found. Large items should be placed in the bin by the nurse’s office and small items should be given to the office. If an article is lost, check the lost and found as soon as possible.




Grades K – 2nd     Lunch/Recess:  11:00 a.m.-11:50 a.m.


Grades 3rd – 4th      Lunch/Recess:  11:40 a.m. -12:25 p.m.


Cost for hot lunch:


            $2.85 per student

            $  .40 per student (reduced)

            $3.85 per student or adult visitor

            $  .50 additional milk (one provided with paid lunch)


Please deposit money to your child’s account in advance. Lunches MUST be pre-paid.


Online payments can be made at


One week is $14.25 and monthly is $57.00. For those of you who would like to pay for the entire school year, 180 days total is $513.00. Students need to pay for lunch at the office in the morning before school starts.


Elko Grammar No. 2 is a closed campus, which requires children to remain on the school grounds during the regular school day. 


We will release students to go to lunch with their parent or legal guardian only. Students who leave the building for lunch will be marked tardy if they do not return by the time classroom instruction begins.


Students who are excused for home lunch must have written permission from a parent and/or guardian on a daily/weekly basis. Home lunch means that students are excused to go to their own home for lunch.




Much like the school bus, the lunchroom is an extension of the classroom and the same rules for behavior are expected. Students should be respectful of other people’s food, polite to each other and lunch room staff, and speak at a quiet volume with those close to them. Because the amount of time to eat is limited, it is expected that students will eat first and visit second. When it is determined to be appropriate lunch room monitors may ask students to stop conversing so they have time to consume their food. Nutrition is an important part of the learning process and we want to make sure that all students have adequate opportunity to finish their meal.




Medication can only be given to students by the school nurse and only with proper verification from a doctor that the medication is necessary. No medication may be kept by students or in classrooms. Contact the school nurse should it become necessary for medication to be given during school.




All new students must register at the office. Each student will need to provide transfer of all school records, immunization records, proof of residency, and a birth certificate. Per state law, no student will be admitted without these records.




If, during the course of the school year, you have questions or concerns about your child’s education, please follow this process:


1. Meet with your child’s teacher and work through the problem-solving process:

A. What is the problem?

B. What are the causes of the problem?

C. How can the problem be solved? (Identify all the options.)


2. If you were unable to solve the problem after meeting with your child’s teacher, please schedule an appointment to meet with the school administrator and the teacher.






There are two scheduled times for parent/teacher conferences throughout the school year. You will be contacted by your child’s teacher with exact times for your conference.

Conference Dates:  November 6th and 7th and April 1st and 2nd.


Informal conferences between teachers and parents are always welcomed should the need arise. In order to maintain the school schedule, it is encouraged to arrange these conferences in advance. Generally, the best time is before or after school.




  1. Obey all directions given by duty teachers.
  2. Stay inside the fenced area. Report balls that go over the fence to duty teacher.
  3. When the bell rings, stop your game immediately, line up in the correct area, and return equipment on your way past the bins.
  4. Use the equipment only as it is supposed to be used.
  5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.
  6. Keep food off of the playground.
  7. Do not pick up or throw rubber mulch, snow, or ice for any reason.
  8. All games are open to all students who want to play.
  9. Cell phones, IPads, and other electronic devices do not belong at school. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Refer to the section titled Discipline Procedures in this handbook for information regarding consequences when playground rules have not been followed.




Infinite Campus is a web based student management system used by Elko County School District. Parents can review attendance, homework status, and grades with the proper login. This information is distributed at the start of the school year. For more information or to receive your login please contact the office.




The PTA is a parent-teacher organization developed to help improve our school. Each year the PTA helps with programs for students, volunteering in classrooms, and fundraising for numerous school improvements. Members are always welcome. For meeting dates or membership information contact the school or consult the white board located near the office.




All students will be sent outside for recess. Students who are ill will not be allowed to stay indoors without a doctor’s excuse stating they are well enough to be at school but not well enough to go outside. In the event that a student needs to stay indoors, only that student will be allowed to stay inside.




Report cards are issued at nine-week intervals throughout the school year for a total of four report cards, two in the first semester and two in the second semester. For any concerns in between reporting periods, contact your child’s teacher.




Elko Grammar #2 wants all students and staff members to be safe. To ensure this occurs, doors to the school will remain locked. Only the main entrance from the playground to the office area will be open. All visitors/volunteers to the school must use these doors and sign in and out at the front office. While this may seem inconvenient at times, this helps to ensure the safety of your child and everyone in the building.


For handicap access please contact the front office at 738-7161 Option 1.

At the end of the school day please wait outside of the school building where you will be met by your child. The time at the end of the school day is important for the teacher and your child.  Please help us keep this reserved for the important end of the day instructional activities.




If for any reason school should be closed, an automated phone call to parents will be generated. It is imperative that phone numbers be kept current in the school office. You can also listen to the following radio stations:

KRJC 95.3 FM

KELK 1240 AM

The superintendent will make the final determination on any school closing. There is an “Alert” page on the district website that will advise of any school closures (




Students participate in basic health screening (weight, height, hearing, vision, etc.) along with academic screening (speech and language, reading, math, etc.) throughout the year. Should further evaluation be needed, parents will be contacted for permission to perform a more thorough assessment.




Students who are ill should not be at school. Refer to the Absence Procedures section of this handbook for details on how to report a student’s illness to the school.


Please do not request that students stay indoors during the day as this doesn’t allow teachers a chance to leave their classrooms. If a doctor has told you that your child is able to attend school but should remain indoors, please provide verification of this. Only the sick student will be allowed to remain inside.




Due to security concerns and in efforts to avoid classroom disruption, emergency messages for students must be delivered to the office by a note. Please limit messages to be given to your student for emergency situations only.  It is important your child understands how he/she will be getting home each day PRIOR to leaving home in the morning.  If an emergency should arise, we will relay the message to your student.  Please help us by keeping the need for messages to a minimum.




The first entry bell rings at 8:20 a.m. and the tardy bell at 8:25 a.m.  Students who are not in the classroom by 8:25 a.m. are considered tardy. All students need to check in at the office if they are tardy. Students will receive a tardy slip and be sent to class.

Additionally, students are counted tardy after lunch at 11:50 a.m. for grades 1&2, and 12:25 p.m. for grades 3&4. 


Excessive student tardies will be dealt with in the following manner:


            3 Tardies:     Student receives a verbal warning from the office.


5 Tardies:     Notification Letter sent home from the office notifying parents of excessive tardies.


            10 Tardies:     Notification Letter sent home from the office. Parent meeting with administration.



Grammar #2 does not accept requests for next year’s teacher. Student placement for the next year is generated and compiled while considering multiple factors. Grammar #2 teachers and administration strive to create balanced classroom groupings for the upcoming school year. If there are extenuating circumstances that would be pertinent when placing your child in a certain class, please contact the administration before the end of the school year. Compliance with any requests cannot be guaranteed.




Use of the telephone by students is limited to emergency calls and school business calls ONLY.

Calls for permission to attend parties and ride buses with friends, bring tennis shoes for PE, etc. will not be permitted.  Please address these matters at home before school starts. A note from the student’s teacher is required before the telephone may be used.




Per Nevada Revised Statute (NRS 392.130), the parent or legal guardian or other person having control or charge of the pupil shall notify the teacher or principal of the school orally or in writing within 3 days after the pupil returns to school.


Grammar #2 will adhere to the following procedure when the above conditions are not met and a student is deemed truant:


Truancy #1: Parents will receive a letter indicating that their child has been deemed truant.


Truancy #2: Parents will receive a letter indicating that their child has been deemed truant a second time. The letter will indicate that if the student is declared truant a third time they will be deemed a habitual truant and a citation will be issued.


Truancy #3: A Truancy Citation will be issued and signed by the student. Parents will receive a copy of the citation and a letter indicating their child has been deemed a habitual truant. The Elko County Juvenile Detention Center will be sent a copy of the truancy citation and all three truancy letters.



ANY individual visiting the school for any reason MUST report to the school office, sign in and wear the appropriate name tag.  If it should be necessary to speak with a student or teacher directly, the office personnel with make the proper arrangements.  If you will be attending a field trip with your student, please sign in at the office and wear the appropriate name tag.  Regardless of reason, all visitors need to report their presence in the building to the office first. Visitors must also sign out at the front office when leaving the school.


Classroom volunteers are always appreciated. Please make arrangements with individual teachers when selecting times/dates to volunteer at the school. ALL volunteers must sign in at the front office when arriving AND sign out when leaving. Additionally ALL volunteers must sign the Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement on their first visit. Classroom teachers will have these forms.


When it is necessary for a student to withdrawal from Grammar #2, their parent or guardian needs to contact the office to fill out the necessary paperwork and make sure all accounts and books are accounted for.